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30 | English By Train Express trains from Geneva, Berne, Basle, Lucerne, Chur and Zurich arrive every day at half-hourly intervals in Wil, starting early in the morning. A taxi or city bus will take you to the Rapp auction company within 5 minutes. Railway timetable: By Plane From Zurich airport, one or two express trains leave every hour for Wil, starting at 05.52. The travelling time is around 35 minutes. From Altenrhein airport, you can connect to Wil through the railway station of Rorschach. The travelling time is around 50 minutes. By Car Wil and the Rapp auction company are located directly adjacent to the highway A1 linking Zurich and St. Gallen. Exit the highway at Wil (Exit no. 77), then turn right five times (direction Rickenbach) whether you are coming from Zurich or from St. Gallen. Going to Wil by car will take the following timespans From Zurich 35 min, from Winterthur 15 min, from St. Gallen 15 min, from Basle 1.5 h, from Berne 1.75 h, from Lucerne 1.5 h, from Chur 1.5 h, from the border of Schaffhausen 45 min, from the border of Constance 30 min, from the border of Bregenz/Lindau 1 h, from the border of Buchs 1 h. The location of the Rapp auction company is very easy to reach, being situated in the town of Wil, between Zurich and St. Gallen. Wil, a historical town with rich cultural activities right in the heart of Eastern Switzerland, can easily and conveniently be reached from all directions – whether you come by train, by plane or by car. We will gladly inform you in detail about the best connec- tions. Should you plan a longer stay in Eastern Switzerland, we would be pleased to advise you on accommo- dation and sightseeing opportunities. You will not regret visiting us! HOW TO GET TO WIL DIRECTION ZURICH MOTORWAY A1 RAPP AUCTIONS DIRECTION ST. GALLEN Exit Wil (77) Sonnmattstrasse LIGA Lindengut-Garage CENTRE OF WIL Flawilerstrasse Toggenburgerstrasse Toggenburgerstrasse Georg-Rennerstrasse CENTRE OF WIL WATTWIL OTTO‘S Danieli/Quinta McDonald‘s Toggenburgerstrasse Geneva Lausanne Berne Lucerne Zurich Basel Paris Karlsruhe Frankfurt Stuttgart Winterthur Wil Constance Ulm St.Gallen Bregenz, Lindau Munich Chur Lugano DIRECTION ZURICH HIGHWAY A1 PETER RAPP AG A1 DIRECTION ST. GALLEN Exit Wil A1 (77) Sonnmattstrasse MCDONALD'S LIGA GARAGE CENTER OF WIL CENTER OF WIL Flawilerstrasse Toggenburgerstrasse Toggenburgerstrasse ReuttistrasseGeorg-Rennerstrasse DANIELI