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Ergebnisbericht 2008

6 Many thanks! Dear Sir or Madam Sometimes, even we are lost for words. Almost. Of course, we expected a particularly successful result from our international stamp auction in 2008, because we had done everything imaginable to compile a superb range for the auction, to publicise it worldwide and to present it to our customers in especially luxurious surroundings. However, we could not feel absolutely certain about the success of the auction, given the tur- bulent conditions on the international financial markets. So it is all the more pleasing for us and our numerous consignors from all over the world that the total turnover from the auction of 17,9 million CHF (inclu- ding buyers’ premium and VAT) exceeded even our optimistic predictions by several million francs. Over 280 of only 2805 lots were sold for sums (in Swiss francs) often reaching into the high five-figures and ten fur- ther lots went for sums of between 100‘000 and 280‘000 Swiss francs. The atmosphere was, without exception, enthusiastic and this helped our 2008 auction to virtually match the outstanding result of our anniversary auction in 2007, and forming another milestone in the history of interna- tional stamp auctions. This contributed to Rapp-Auctions’ turnover of over 36 million CHF within a period of just 18 months and this too is a respectable figure, even by world standards. At the same time, the success of this auction is proof that our strict insistence on providing ex- clusive standards of quality and luxury presentation and design in our auctions ensures philatelic sales success, even in difficult times. All ob- servers agree that this auction has set new standards. Therefore, we would not like to miss the opportunity to offer our express thanks for this success to our many hundreds of consignors from all over the world, as well as the many thousands of bidders – collectors, dealers and investors – involved. We would like to thank all customers for their continued involvement, but particularly the consignors for having confidence in the efficiency of the Rapp Auction House. Such results are only possible through the harmonious cooperation of many individuals.