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Ergebnisbericht 2008

47 Staff Members of the 2008 Rapp Auction end of the auction and were expected to bring high returns. These items alone brought overall turnover of approximately 8.5 million Francs. In this session, four major Liechtenstein portfolios changed hands for 121‘000 (16‘500) CHF plus buyers’ premium and taxes, whilst a fantastic Netherlands collection sold for 135‘000 (15‘000) CHF, a large Austrian collection for 80‘000 (20‘000) CHF, a philatelic collection depicting the development of Soviet civilian air travel for 130‘000 (10‘000) CHF, three collections of British stamps, including one with a complete plate recon- struction of the Penny Black, for 99‘000 (15‘000) CHF, a very unusual Western Australian postal history collection for 70‘000 (10‘000) CHF, Nigerian items for 36‘000 (5000) CHF and a collection of the stamps from the States of Malaysia for 30‘000 (1500) CHF. An exhibition collection of Guatemalan stamps and covers, without doubt among the best of its kind, achieved the highest final bid of the whole auction at 280‘000 Francs (final price 357‘000 CHF). An extensive South Korean portfolio brought a final bid of 62‘000 (20‘000) CHF, two substantial Zeppelinpost collec- tions 72‘000 (15‘000) CHF together, nine collections from around the world, sold one after the other, more than a quarter of a million together (the starting price for these was 40‘000), a European collection 115‘000 (20‘000) CHF, nine general German collections in a row 346‘000 (50‘000) CHF in total, an impressive Germany States collection 125‘000 (20‘000) CHF, four collections from the German Reich 172‘000 (38‘000) CHF in total, an exemplary Zara collection 52‘000 (10‘000) CHF, a rich stock from the Soviet Occupation Zone 77‘000 (15‘000) CHF, and high-quality collections of covers from Berlin and the Federal Repu- blic of Germany 48‘000 and 56‘000 CHF respectively (both 5000 CHF). The list of prices realized includes any number of further examples. A financial and economic crisis? A hesitant approach to purchasing? Depression and recession? There is no doubt that the signs of these things can be seen in many places. However, there was no sign of the current problems at the Rapp Auction. The auction provided a complete contrast – an antidote consisting of impressive style and an intoxicating atmosphere.