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Ergebnisbericht 2008

46 The fact that more than 280 lots were sold for five-figure price sums in Swiss Francs (often above 50‘000 CHF), and the fact that ten more achie- ved prices between 100‘000 and 280‘000 Francs, mean that a further selection of outstanding examples is no easy task. The 338 items in the «Collection Genève» were sold for more than 1.25 million CHF in total, whilst the 380 lots from the «Pilatus» postal history collection achieved no less than 2.4 million Francs. Following fierce bidding competitions, outstanding pieces, such as a stamped margin pair of the Basel Dove brought 120‘000 CHF, a 10 Rp. Rayon II with completely framed cross 64‘000 CHF, a three-quarter bisect of the 10 Rp. Rayon II on printed matter 105‘000 CHF, a used No. 68A 34‘000 CHF (all from the «Genève» collec- tion) and a Double Geneva on cover 75‘000 CHF, a used Geneva station- ery envelope 52‘000 CHF, a pair of «large eagles» on a double cover 90‘000 CHF, the same stamp in late usage on cover 57‘000 CHF, several covers with the Basel Dove up to 46‘000 CHF, an unused «Vaud 4» 42‘000 CHF, a pair of «Winterthur» with additional franking of Rayon II on cover 180‘000 CHF, a «Poste Locale» in mixed franking with Rayon II 120‘000 CHF, the only known Strubeli franking to Persia 26‘000 CHF (all from the «Pilatus» collection), and so on. The demand for choice individual items from other areas was just as strong. Consequently, a Nobile airmail cover achieved more than twenty times its estimate, selling for 21‘000 CHF, whilst 82‘000 CHF was bid for a twelve-stamp corner block of the unissued «Burg Rheinstein» stamp. Some less spectacular items that were of exceptional quality, such as Greenland’s MiNr. 1-3 in mint condition from the sheet corners, achieved considerably more than their full MICHEL catalogue listing. Moreover, specialist areas, including extensive collections of coins, sold at pleasing prices. Furthermore, an exclusive «space items» collection, including no less than three of the sought-after «moon covers», was sold for 75‘000 CHF (starting price 5000 CHF). In line with the Rapp tradition, outstanding offers of completely intact, untouched collections and holdings were sold in a special session at the