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Ergebnisbericht 2008

44 underlines this impression. In particular, any buyer looking to build up a collection or to trade in stamps and who participates in a Rapp auction, sometimes noticeably running up against the limits that he/she has per- sonally set, will get a taste of these quite unique services and of the special atmosphere he or she will find in Wil. Thus, there are significant reasons why many hundreds of collectors, traders and investors from dozens of countries regularly visit Rapp auctions in person. In spite of ob- vious competition between bidders, many elements are more remini- scent of a harmonious family gathering than of a sales event. And what of those who provided consignments of goods for sale? Many of them have also accepted the invitation to visit Wil. Initial expectations and hopes cannot be completely fulfilled or even exceeded in every individual case, for every stamp offered as a single item or every collec- tion. How could it be otherwise? For example, in line with a general market trend, Austrian collections and some GDR objects fell slightly short of expectations. However, the general tenor is clear. «We had hoped for an overall price between 180‘000 and 200‘000 CHF», reported a married couple towards the end of the auction. They had supplied several high-quality German collections, including an outstanding collec- tion of German States. «The starting prices printed in the catalogue only amounted to a fraction of this sum», said the wife, sipping her champagne calmly, «but Mr. Rapp explained the policy behind this and our stamps’ chances of success, in simple terms. The result of 260‘000 CHF shows just how right he was. Are we satisfied? There’s no doubt about it.» A Small Selection of the Greatest Successes For the first time, live bids that were submitted over the internet during the auction supplemented the usual feverish competition between the bidders who are present in person, the many thousand written advance bids, the numerous telephone bidders who are often bidding at the same time and the interested parties represented by commission agents. There is no doubt that this internet service, which was offered with the close