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Ergebnisbericht 2008

43 Commitment and Service Quality Consequently, there must be some other factor in the equation, in addi- tion to the exquisite range of stamps on offer. «Rapp’s commitment makes all the difference», explains Jo Kvernberg, a Norwegian collector and friend of the author who has been participating personally in the auctions in Wil for many years. This year, he brought a fellow country- man with him for the first time – Kjell, a collector with great experience of auctions, who is devoted to many international collecting areas from the classical issues onwards. Kjell is extremely enthusiastic: «Jo has told me a great deal about the very special atmosphere at Rapp auctions. In fact, that’s principally why I came here, although I only believed part of what he told me. Now I can see that, if anything, Jo understated the case. I have never seen anything like it: the welcome, the courteous treatment, the attention paid to every detail, the painstaking organisation, the mar- vellous refreshments, the balanced programme of accompanying events – and, of course, the exceptional range on offer. I had never seen anything like this before. I will definitely come back next time, although I only succeeded in obtaining a few of the items that I would have liked to have purchased.» However, Kjell was successful when it came to certain speci- mens from the British colonies, including a beautiful Mauritius collection for 6‘800 (1000) CHF. Another guest at the auction, who had travelled to Wil especially on account of several space-related collections, seconded this opinion: «Anyone who has taken part will confirm it: Rapp auctions are an absolute expe- rience that begins as soon as you enter the auction building. You receive a friendly welcome and are introduced to a team of trained employees who can be approached at any time and take care of the customer’s every need. In Peter Rapp’s auction house, you really feel like a welcome guest.» It is not just stamps that are sold at Rapp auctions. What is on offer is client service that is in a class of its own, ranging from the limousine ser- vice and the gourmet refreshment available all day to the entertainment provided each night. What is more, the presentation of the items on offer, in two hardback luxury catalogues designed with the utmost care,