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Sammlung Franz Joseph

25 It is no coincidence, however, that the owner of the magnificent special collection that is being offered in this special catalogue developed an attachment for the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy and an utter passion for its early stamp issues and its manifold cancellations. After all, so he re- ports, he was given his first name specifically in remembrance of Austria’s Emperor Franz Joseph I. (1830-1916). For many years, the avid collector has tried to systematically bring together the very many different cancellations on Austria’s early stamp issues, and he has achieved a remarkable degree of completeness. Many of the cancel- lations on single stamps, blocks and entires are impressive for their ideal strikes. Numerous items were purchased from prestigious collections such as those of Dr. Jerger and Provera. Ordered by Crown Lands, the following pages will present selected rare cancellations on single stamps, multiples, pieces and entires with Austria’s 1850 to 1867 stamp issues. Please also note the very substantial collec- tions that, again ordered by Crown Lands, contain an abundance of rare and often particularly clear cancellations. Lest they become too repetitive, we have kept the descriptions of those collections suitably brief. The collection with «Cancellations From the Austrian Part of the Empire on Stamps of the 1867 Issue» deserves special attention. Presented completely intact, its 85 volumes contain cancellations on thousands of stamps, multiples, pieces and covers. It may be considered mere coincidence – or a lucky twist of fate. Whatever the truth, the inaugural day of this year’s Inter- national Rapp Auction, the 1st of June, 2010, happens to coincide with the anni- versary of the first issue of Austrian postage stamps 160 years ago, on the 1st of June, 1850. The Emperor franz joseph collection cancellations on classic austrian 1850 to 1867 stamp issues