Rapp Makes the Difference

There are 300 auction houses for stamps, coins, jewellery and watches in Europe alone. Why should you choose us?

Regardless of the size of your collection: We assure you of friendly, competent and individual counselling and advice at any time. We know perfectly well the beating of a «collector's heart», and it is our passion to identify your needs and create sales strategies that meet your concerns.

Rapp Auctions is a family-owned company that is free of any foreign influences. We are neither financed nor determined by external financial backers. We have our own spacious auction building, various business properties and the corresponding resources. At Rapp, all consignors are paid no later than four to six weeks after the end of the auction. Advances and bank guarantees can be provided within 24 hours.

During the past 45 years we have built a very large base of customers who are backed by extraordinary capital resources. We are on the most friendly terms with many of our clients and attach great importance to long-standing and trustful business relations.

Our auction catalogues, our website, our brochures, and our market presence have all been professionally designed with love, taste and know-how. We are upfront and honest and regularly inform our customers through newsletters, mailings, preview brochures and all popular social media.

Year after year we achieve top hammer prices for both single lots and collections. In 2014, we sold a beautiful and very fine Basle Dove stamp on cover for 103'700 Swiss Francs: a world record price!

Rapp auctions are not intended to be standard sales events like those taking place always and everywhere. For decades, our auctions have been places of unique events that our consignors and buyers gladly look back upon. Our VIP services include limousine service, gourmet catering, festive evenings, and a varied sightseeing programme.

For more than 45 years, Rapp Auctions has been one of the most successful companies for the auction sale. We know all the important collectors, investors and dealers from all around the world – personally. And we know very well how to sell your stamps, coins, jewellery and watches at the best possible prices.

For the media Rapp Auctions is a must go. Journalists, radio presenters and television crews - all want to have the headlines. Considered timed press conferences ahead of the auction ensure that the consignments of our customers earn the deserved journalistic echo. This also stimulates public interests and has often supplied unexpected additional bidders - both from Europe and from America and Asia.

We communicate openly and honestly to the outside and maintain an active contact with customers and potential buyers via newsletters, advertisements, trade fairs and through social media. Peter Rapp and Marianne Rapp Ohmann also belong to the relevant national and international professional associations.

In addition to our highly qualified and trained employees, we can count on the support of various qualified experts. They all have many years of experience and guarantee competent advice in all relevant questions  – no matter from which epoch or from which specialised areas your collected items may originate.

Experience the difference now! Call +41 71 923 77 44 or write an email to info(at)rapp-auktionen.ch



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