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Are you thinking about selling your stamps, coins, jewellery pieces, watches, designer handbags or porcelain in one of our international auctions? Why not use our quick and easy-to-use WhatsApp service for an initial appraisal and sales estimate?

Here is how it works:

1.     We first need a general impression of the object(s) for sale. To help us advise you as accurately as possible, please observe the following tips when photographing your object(s):

Take a photo of the entire album page, with particular attention to volumes pre-dating 1955. If you have preprinted albums, always photograph the first few pages of the album.

For complete collections, take a photo of the entire album page or coin display tray.
Take detailed pictures of individual coins which you deem more valuable than the rest.

Take one photo per piece. Also photograph any certificates or purchase receipts you might have.

Take one photo per watch. Also photograph any original packaging, warranties, certificates or purchase receipts you might have.

Take one normal photo of each item and also photograph the backside and/or the signature.

2.     Please provide us with any additional information on the pieces (provenance, years, collector information, history, etc.)

3.     Please also give us your full name to allow us to organise your enquiry.

We will be happy to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible. In some cases (particularly in the case of very large collections of stamps or coins), photos may not suffice for us to make a final appraisal of whether we will be able to auction off the items. In any case, we will get back to you and make a suggestion on how to proceed or provide you with further tips for selling your items.

If your pieces are suitable to be sold at a Rapp Auction, we will invite you to a free one-on-one consultation with an expert in the respective field, here at our auction house.

Please note: Our free WhatsApp consultation service is an initial, very rough appraisal and assessment of whether selling your item(s) through our auction house is advisable. Detailed assessments will be provided in a second step, once we see the original pieces in person.

WhatsApp number: 0041 79 285 78 11



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