Worldwide Recognition

Rapp Auctions has been established for decades on the worldwide market. Rapp auction sales are different – this is evidenced by our public appearance, our comprehensive advertising output and, in particular, our high quality auction catalogues.

Auction Catalogues

Only quality sells quality

We have always been dedicating greatest care and substantial funds for the best possible presentation of our auctions catalogues. All the pictures of our consignments are actually lithografic prints in the highest possible quality. Every working step as well as the colour adjustments with the valuable original is being handled professionally and with extraordinary care. To take pictures of coins, jewellery and watches, we have installed a camera station.

The editing is then carried out in our in-house graphics department, which results in top quality hardcover catalogues year by year. Collectors, consignors and buyers from all over the world are impressed, because our catalogues show exactly what stamps, coins, jewellery and watches are all about.


Everything with one click – the digital auction catalogues

In order to offer you a simple and fast alternative besides our high-quality printed auction catalogues, we will put all catalogues for free and digitalised at your disposal on our website (around a month before the auction sale). The so-called eCatalogues were very much appreciated by our customers during the last auctions. Thanks to the modern display in form of a browse catalogue, it feels like having the original catalogue in front of you. 

Highest quality and interactivity
The high resolution of the pictures and the simplicity of browsing them, have led to written bids of potential buyers, even before the catalogues were printed and sent out.

But there's more to it than that. Our eCatalogues are not only informative but also interactive! With just one mouse click, you can access the following functions:

  • Additional illustrations on the internet
    Are there any reasons that prevent you from personally attending the viewing of the auction lots? No problem! Click on the magnifier symbol in the lot description and you can see, download and print generously illustrated excerpts of our collections.
  • Download the certificates
    Of course we have also digitized all certificates and experts’ reports. We provide the possibility to study them along with the lots by just clicking on the words "Attest" or "Fotobefund".

The digital version of our catalogues allows us to keep up with the needs of our international buying clientele and our consignors. Register for our newsletter and we will inform you as soon as our eCatalogues are available.

Fair Attendance

Rapp Auctions is represented at international trade shows. We take advantage of these favourable opportunities to advise customers and potential customers from around the world personally and competently and to stand by them as a reliable partner during the sale of their stamps, coins, jewellery and watches.

If you decide to entrust us with a consignment, it is of course possible for you to hand it over to us right at our trade fair stand. We will ensure the safe and uncomplicated transport of your treasures to Switzerland.


Thanks to close and varied networking both in the digital and analog sector we are able to draw the attention of potential buyers to our offers well in advance. We are very active in also calling attention to our services and news through all channels that are technically available. Allow us to introduce them to you in some detail.

The clear structure and the attractive graphic design of our internet site (in German and English) are highly appreciated by potential buyers and clients all over the world. The internet site provides comprehensive information and reports.

Email newsletter
Our regular email newsletter contains the latest news from Rapp Auctions for our clients. The list of recipients is growing steadily because more and more collectors want to use this channel to stay up to date on the latest developments.

Social media networks
Rapp Auctions maintains sites on the most important social networks and provides news related to a remarkable and growing number of interested parties.

Advertising in professional journals
Rapp Auctions is regularly represented by large advertisements in highly respected professional journals.

Trade fairs and exhibitions
Rapp Auctions presents its activities and services at an exhibition stand at important international trade fairs.

Association memberships
Peter Rapp and Marianne Rapp Ohmann are members of the major national and international professional associations.

Reports in the daily and weekly press, magazines etc.
Virtually no other auction house in the world is given so much space in the media. National and international media in the print, radio and television sectors have frequently reported on Rapp Auctions and the firms other activities. This coverage makes it possible to reach new collectors and investors with strong capital backing and to raise their interest in stamps, coins, jewellery and watches.

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