Why Take A Chance?

When you decide to sell your stamps, coins, jewellery and watches, be sure to choose an auction partner who can offer you every conceivable security along with all of the other benefits:

  • Peter Rapp AG is an auction company managed by its owner with an outstanding international reputation; the firm has been exclusively owned by its founder's family since its establishment in 1970.  
  • Our creditworthiness is proverbial. Thanks to our decades of cooperation with banks and insurers as well as investment and real estate companies, we can offer you any security you might request.
  • From the very moment we accept your assets or you hand them over to the postal service, our comprehensive insurance cover becomes effective.
  • A number of perfectly secured vaults in our business facility provide optimal security. All of the sensitive areas are under video surveillance.
  • Security services and a sophisticated security concept put an end to risks before they even arise.

While Rapp Auctions traditionally strives to provide high quality of the items to be auctioned, it goes even further and actively ensures the security of consignors and buyers — yet another reason why so many potential buyers regularly find their way to us. Nothing is more precious than the security of your assets.

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