Rapp Auctions has been one of the largest and highest-earning auction houses in the field of philately for 50 years. At our auctions, we offer stamp collections and portfolios spanning a range of eras and themes. Some of these are award-winning exhibition collections which were expertly assembled over the course of decades at great expense. Rare stamps and covers of outstanding quality are available as individual pieces.

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Do you want to sell stamps?
Please fill in the consignment form as fully as possible so that we will have a good initial idea of your collection and can provide goal-oriented individual advice from the beginning.

Do you have a table of contents, an inventory or something similar?
If yes, please attach copies.

Which countries or which topics have been collected?
e.g. Switzerland, Austria, Germany, UNO, themes like football, flowers, birds etc.

Are the stamps cancelled or mint (without any cancellation)?

Does the emphasis of the collection lie on the years before or after 1960?
If you own Swiss mint stamps after 1960, they are still valid to use for franking. In this case, please state the approximate total of the face value (without surcharge).

If the emphasis of the collection lies before 1960: Which time period has been collected?
Are the age-groups complete?

e.g. complete from 1920 to 1950, with gaps from 1950 to 2000 etc.

How many volumes does the collection comprehend?
How many albums, cartons, boxes etc.

Are the stamps ranged in a stockbook or in a preprinted album (with images of the stamps that are supposed to be collected)?

If it is an album with preprinted pages: Are all spaces filled in?
If there are gaps, are they rather at the beginning or at the end of the album?

Does the collection also contain covers or postcards?
If yes, how many and from which time period?

What motives are shown on the postcards?

Does the collection contain top value stamps?
e.g. Switzerland: Basel Dove, Zurich 4 and 6 / Canada: Dollar values before 1930 / USA: Classic USA No 1 etc.

Are some of the stamps certified?
If yes, please attach copies.

Where or how were the stamps obtained?
e.g. Trade, auction sales, exchanges, subscription to the post office, inheritance etc.

Are there any notes in the albums?
If yes, please attach copies.

How much was invested (approximately) in the collection? Are there still any invoices?
If yes, please attach copies.

Do you know the catalogue and/or estimated commercial value of the collection?
If yes, please state it in CHF / EUR / USD or GBP.

How would you rate the value of the collection yourself?

Would you like to make further remarks about the collection?

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