Due to the great sales success of a porcelain collection at the November Auction 2020, the Rapp Auction House is now also offering a small but fine selection of porcelain figures, sets and complete porcelain dinner services at the auctions.

The selection consists of exquisite and high-quality figures, sets as well as complete porcelain dinner services from renowned manufacturers such as Meissen, Nymphenburg, Fürstenberg, Rosenthal etc. In the porcelain department, only online auctions "Rapp Online Only" take place.

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You will find the auction catalogues of the past auctions.
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Do you want to sell porcelain?
Please fill in the consignment form as fully as possible so that we will have a good initial idea of your collection and can provide goal-oriented individual advice from the beginning.

From which manufacturer do the figurines, sets or dinner service come?
In which years (order of magnitude) were the figures, sets or dinner service produced?
In the case of a dinner service: How many pieces are there in the dinner service? Is the dinner service complete?
Are the pieces in perfect condition? Are there any damages? Which ones?
Are there purchase invoices, certificates, insurance valuations?
How do you estimate the value of the pieces?
Is there any information about the history / provenance of the pieces?
Any other helpful information about the pieces?
For a successfull estimation of your porcelain, we would be very thankfull, if you could add images of the pieces as well as the signature.

How to send large files:
Use www.wetransfer.com to send large files via email – it's easy and it's free.


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