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Rapp Auctions has been auctioning coins, medals, banknotes and orders for many years. We offer fascinating individual items in high-quality, collections and investment portfolios covering a range of time periods and topics. The most common items are coins and medals in gold or silver.

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Do you want to sell coins?
Please fill in the consignment form as fully as possible so that we will have a good initial idea of your collection and can provide goal-oriented individual advice from the beginning.

Do you have a table of contents, an inventory or something similar?
If yes, please attach copies.

Which metal are the coins or medals mostly made of? Gold, silver or base metal?
For gold and silver coins please indicate the approximate weight.

How many coins or medals do you have in your collection (gold, silver, base metal)?

Have the coins been circulating or are they unused?

Which time periods, countries or topics have been collected?
e.g. ancient, modern times, Europe, Olympic Games etc.

How many volumes does the collection comprehend?
How many albums, cartons, boxes etc.

Do you have certificates or public documents related to your coins or medals?
If yes, please attach copies.

Where or how were the coins or medals obtained?
Trade, auction sales, exchanges, bank, inheritance etc.

How much was invested (approximately) in the collection?
Are there still any invoices?

If yes, please attach copies.

Do you know the catalogue and / or estimated commercial value?
If yes, please state it in EUR / CHF / USD or GBP.

How would you rate the value of the collection yourself?

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