Live Bidding (in Real-Time)

Participate in real-time at our auction

We are also offering the possibility of placing bids live during the actual auction sale – wherever you are – as if you were personally in the auction room.

You can bid live in the auction after prior registration (at least 20 hours before the auction starts). You will also need a computer or tablet with internet access.

Simulator for live bidding
Before you actually start live bidding, get acquainted with the system and the way it works. We recommend a short practice session with the simulator on the website of Philasearch / Numissearch.

Phone Hotline
If you experience any problem on your side during the auction, please give us a call on 0041 71 923 77 44. USA / Canada: 01141 71 923 77 44

Register for participation in live bidding at our long-time business partner Philasearch / Numissearch. A valid credit card is required in order for you to be able to participate in live bidding (in real-time).

With new customers in particular, the Rapp auction house reserves the right to validate and to request authorisation of the credit card prior to the auction, which means setting aside up to 25% of your bid amount on your credit card. Attention: this is a hold only and not a debit.

For the unlikely case that there will be any technical or other problems during the auction, make sure to have your phone number registered beforehand. This enables us to give you a call during the auction, if necessary.

We wish you good luck for your participation.

  1. Before you actually start live bidding, get acquainted with the system and the way it works. We recommend a short practice session with the simulator.
  2. Register for participation and assign yourself a user name and a password. Please also communicate to us the number(s) of the lot(s) or the range of lots you intend to bid for. Registration must take place one day before the auction commences. For later registrations, access cannot be guaranteed. Your registration must be approved and access to the bidding system must be authorised by Peter Rapp AG. Therefore, you will receive an email confirmation in due course, which must be re-confirmed by you. Please register only once for the auction.
  3. Upon confirmation, each live bidder will be granted a bid limit of CHF 30'000. If you wish to raise that limit, please send us an email accordingly. That new bid limit is also subject to approval and confirmation through email.
  4. Your computer must be active in time for the scheduled auction dates and times. Please take possible time differences into account. Insert your user name and password to register for actual participation in the auction.
  5. Each auction lot will be called out and auctioned individually in the auction room.
  6. As soon as «your» lot is up for auction and displayed on your computer screen, press the «BID» button. This sends a signal to the auction room indicating your interest in placing live bid.
  7. GOING, GOING, GONE will be sequentially displayed on the computer screen. As soon as you see the first GOING, you must send your bid.
  8. If several internet bids are placed simultaneously, only the one received first will be shown. Should your bid not be the first one, it won’t be shown on your screen. You then would have to place a new, higher bid immediately.
  9. The full GOING, GOING, GONE display indicates that the respective lot has been knocked down to a floor, phone or internet bidder. If your bid is shown on the screen then – congratulations, you won the lot!

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