Each year, hundreds of collectors and dealers from all over the world visit our exciting auctions to bid for some of the world’s most coveted single items and collections. We offer you several options to participate at our auctions.

Submit your bids by mail or fax. If you do this, the auctioneer will act on your behalf as though you were in the auction room yourself, but will keep your identity strictly confidential. If possible, he will attempt to obtain the lot for you at the lowest price possible.

Please use the form you have received together with the catalogues or download the bid form as a PDF.

There also is the possibility for you to place your bids online prior to the auction, easily and free of risks. This is only formally different from sending your bids through traditional postal services. Sending your bids electronically may be advantageous for you due to potentially short reaction times, which our clients have used to their profit in recent years.

Please fill-in our online bid form. Your data, of course, are properly encrypted and absolutely safe at any time.

By using this link you will get to our auction catalogue in tabular form. Browse through it and study the lot descriptions and corresponding pictures. You will also be able to directly submit your bids.

We are also offering the possibility of placing bids live during the actual auction sale – wherever you are. You can bid live in the auction as if you were personally in the auction room.

For years we have been successfully collaborating with Philasearch / Numissearch in the area of real-time live bidding. For detailed information and registration, please click here.

Large numbers of people bid in person at our auctions. If you wish to do this, we will allocate you a bidder number which allows you to participate and ensures that you remain anonymous. Please contact us in good time.

If you prefer to bid from home but without the internet, our telephone bidding service gives you a direct link to the auction room. Please contact us in good time.

Please use the form you have received together with the catalogues or download the bid form as a PDF.

We can also help you find a professional auction agent to represent you. Please contact us in good time.

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