Auction Catalogues

We have always been dedicating greatest care and substantial funds for the best possible presentation of our auctions catalogues. All the pictures of our consignments are actually lithografic prints in the highest possible quality. Every working step as well as the colour adjustments with the valuable original is being handled professionally and with extraordinary care. To take pictures of our numismatic treasures, we have installed a camera station specifically calibrated for coins and medals.

The editing is then carried out in our in-house graphics department, which results in top quality hardcover catalogues year by year. Collectors, consignors and buyers from all over the world are impressed, because our catalogues show exactly what stamps and coins are all about.

Which catalogue is the right one?
The number and division of the catalogues change from auction to auction, based on their offer. To make sure you pick the right catalogue, please choose from our three main collecting areas. Depending on your choice, you will receive one, two or maybe even three catalogues. The best thing about that is: The price stays the same.

For collections of outstanding importance we are pleased to create an exclusively designed special catalogue. Of course you will automatically receive these catalogues as well, according to your collectors’ area.

Are you collecting single items or collections of Switzerland? We will automatically send you the right catalogues. Depending on the division, you will receive one or two catalogues.

Are you interested in our offer of selected single items and collections of European and overseas countries? You will automatically receive the correct catalogues. Depending on the division, you will receive one or two catalogues.

Numismatic treasures from all over the world are your passion? In this case, we will also send you the right auction catalogues. Depending on the division it can be about one or even two catalogues.

New customers, please order our auction catalogues here.

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