We Are a Strong Team

We are a strong team of trained and highly qualified employees. Further we can count on the support and competent advice from various philatelic and numismatic experts. They all are professionals with years and years of experience. We therefore can ensure you competent advice in all sort of questions no matter what collecting area or epoch. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Peter Rapp

Owner, Auctioneer & Philatelic Expert

As owner and auctioneer, Peter Rapp’s name is inextricably linked with the company’s success. His persistent commitment has made Rapp Auctions one of the leading and most prestigious international auction houses. His extensive knowledge of markets, collectors and investors acts as a guarantee for successful trading that has the customers’ best interests at heart. This involves maintaining close contact with the world’s leading philatelists and numismatists. Peter Rapp’s formula for success is down to a harmonious combination of professional passion and expertise, and entrepreneurial responsibility. Year after year, Peter Rapp – together with his daughter and team of specialists – gains and justifies the trust of hundreds of collectors, dealers and investors.

Marianne Rapp Ohmann

CEO Chief Executive Officer

For more than 20 years, Marianne Rapp Ohmann has dedicated herself to Rapp Auctions with great enthusiasm and passion. She is responsible for overall administrative and organisational functions and in charge of the Numismatics, Jewellery and Watches departments. As a younger-generation entrepreneur, she is using her expert knowledge as well as new, modern ideas and projects to steer the tradition-rich Rapp Auctions towards a future success. Marianne Rapp Ohmann also hosts exciting exhibitions on the most diverse topics in the art gallery of the auction house.

Philatelic Experts

Based on his decades of experience and a profound professional education as a philatelist, Peter Rapp is our expert for postage stamps and picture postcards. Whenever necessary, we can count also on the competent support of companioned experts with whom we have been faithfully collaborating for many years.

Peter Rapp

Department Manager
Owner, Auctioneer
and Philatelic Expert

Jean-Paul Bach

Philatelic Expert

Niklaus Neuenschwander

Philatelic and Numismatic Expert

Numismatic, Coins, Medals, Orders and Awards Experts

The Coins department of Rapp Auctions can rely on the support and competent advice of renowned experts. They can exhibit many years of professional experience in the coin market and will ensure a qualified support.

Marianne Rapp Ohmann

Department Manager
Chief Executive Officer

Timo Keppler

Numismatic Expert

Michael Autengruber

Decorations Expert

Georg Brosi

Numismatic Expert

Niklaus Neuenschwander

Philatelic and Numismatic Expert

Experts Jewellery and Watches

An experienced team of gemologists, horologists, goldsmiths as well as experts in jewellery and watches with many years of experience are working with Rapp Auctions. They examine and estimate the consigned pieces and write the descriptions for the auction catalogue.

Marianne Rapp Ohmann

Department Manager
Chief Executive Officer

Gabriela Blöchlinger

Jewellery Expert

Markus Baumgartner

Watch Expert

Noura Habouch

Jewellery Expert Gemmologist

René Clémençon

Watchmaker and Watch Expert

Expert Luxury Handbags

The expert in luxury handbags examines and estimates the consigned bags.

Beatrix Hennig-Eijsbouts

Luxury Handbags Expert

Valeria Vio

General Office Manager &
Customer Consultant

Consulting in DE | EN | FR | IT | ES

Janine Heller

Assistant & Customer Consultant
Consulting in DE | EN

Niklaus Neuenschwander

Customer Consultant
Consulting in DE | FR

Anina Hess

Assistant & Event Coordinator
Consulting in DE | EN | ES


Françoise Neff

Customer Consultant
Consulting in DE

Gabriela Blöchlinger

Jewellery and Watches

Christina Haubold

Graphic Designer

Emil Heuberger

Accountant & IT

Daniel Oliveira

Caretaker & Logistics

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