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Since the beginning of our business until today, we have worked closely with leading institutions, organisations and individuals. Over the past few decades, they have repeatedly entrusted us with the best possible auction sale of their stamps, coins, jewellery and watches – with outstanding success!

Representative for many similar letters of commendation, we are pleased to let our customers speak this time.

Y.M | 2021
«The perfect point of contact for collectors!!!! I was looking for a certain stamp and found it at the Rapp auctionhouse. We had a great conversation and the managing director as well as the owner are not only very professional, they run the business with passion. Thank you so much!.»

Tom Sommer | 2021
«I already sold a lot of things in auctions of Rapp and I have always received more money than I expected. I can definitely recommend it, Top!»

Rick.G | 2021
«With Rapp auctionhouse I have only made good experiences. My offered „treasures“ have been sold for a good price. On the private market I only had problems, here not. Thank you.»

Kevin Fankhauser | 2021
«I did not expect such a high amount of money for my jewelry. Thank you for the good and serious processing.»

P. S. from Switzerland | 2016
«Congratulation to the auction result. You are a master of your field. On behalf of my sister I would like to thank you for the excellent hospitality. It show clearly the superior Rapp culture.»

H. Ruprecht fom Switzerland | 2015
«Hence, terminating my stamp-collecting activities after more than 50 years, I request that you please stop sending me your auction catalogues – which always have given my special pleasure, because of their dignified appearance. I would like to thank you for all those many years that, as an avid stamp collector, I felt connected with your House. During all that time, you’ve always been a competent and trustworthy partner.»
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B. R. from Switzerland | 2013
«Surprisingly my bank informed me today, that my auction proceeds have already been credited to my bank account. With these lines I wish to thank you for the rapid handling of the proceeds transaction. As I have already written in a previous email message, I wish to pay everyone involved my compliments for their professionalism and competence. Should I ever think about selling my gold coins and bank notes, I know who to turn to.»

K. P. from Vienna, Austria | 2011
«We would like to thank you very much for the warm and very kind service and the professional marketing of our brought in Olympic medals!»

Anonymous | 2011
«It was a great day! Many interesting lots and conversations show us once again how beautiful the collecting of stamps and coins is.»

G. & H.-J. R. from Radolfzell, Germany | 2011
«We can be very busy, but we always make time to attend the Rapp auction!»

G. & J. R. from Hamburg, Germany | 2011
«We have attended the auction in your house, which is held in such a tasteful atmosphere, and we enjoyed it very much. We are convinced that it is unique to be looked after in an auction house the way you have done. Not only did your staff always take care of our requests, but we were also spoilt with tasty Swiss dishes from morning to evening. In the «Alpstübli» we felt like during our holidays in Grindelwald! (…) Finally, we would like to tell you, that we are very pleased about the achieved result of our collection at the auction.»

Wolfgang Marczynski from Bockhorn, Germany | 2011
«Let me translate it in a culinary sense – the icing on the cake is your service and your care. I have never felt this well looked after at any auction house and I would like to not only thank you for this but actually express my respect. No doubt, other auction houses are doing a great job too, but to say it in the soccer language: the others are playing in the premier league – you are in the Champions League!»
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L. C. from New York, USA | 2010
«Organising the biggest auction of the world – no one could have done it any better!»

Dr. med. Guido A. Zäch from Zofingen, Switzerland | 2010
«There are moments in life, where all you can be is amazed. This very moment is so unique, that we can refer to it as being historical for the history of philately.»

H. H. from Wollerau, Switzerland | 2010
«I would like to cordially thank you for the three days, on which I had been spoilt in an incredible way. Everything was perfect: Organisation, viewing, auction, food and parking – 5 stars are not enough!»

F. K. from Czech Republic | 2010
«Just now I have received your excellent and unrivalled auction catalogues. Thank you!! I wish you the best of success for you as an auction house, and also for us, the collectors.»

Jo Kvernberg from Oslo, Norway | 2008
«Another very special auction with a very special atmosphere! Hard to believe, even for a philatelist, that Peter Rapp can present such a great offer each and every time. Rapp’s commitment is making the difference!» 

Georg Schegula from Oberrieden, Switzerland | 2008
«I have been a client for 30 years and every time it feels like an exclusive experience, to attend the Rapp auction personally.» 

Victor A. Rybakov from Russia | 2008
«Even though I am a very busy man, I always take the time, to attend Rapp auctions personally. This is the place where I can find the best pieces for my collection!»

Gavin Fryer, President | The Royal Philatelic Society London, United Kingdom | 2001
«I am most grateful to you and all your staff for their diligent work in preparing for and realising the good financial result achieved at the auction.»
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Dr. Walter Asal, Orphan-Father | Civil Orphan-Asylum Basel, Switzerland | 1977
«We therefore are very anxious to thank you for the great success. Please receive our acknowledgment for the respectable and serious way you have prepared and carried out your auction. We thank you also in the name of our superiour authority who has as well obtained the impression that people may have full confidence in your management.»
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