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Rapp Auction 2017

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Year after year, our auctions have made headlines in philatelic and numismatic publications, daily newspapers, leading business and arts magazines and on radio and TV.

As far as the media are concerned, each one of these collections is a must-see event. Journalists, radio hosts and TV teams usually are cueing up before, during and after the auction days in Wil.

They all want to catch their headline stories. Masterfully orchestrated press conferences and interviews prior to the auction see to it that the consignments of the clients are properly echoed by the press. This stirs additional public interest and, more often than not, has had the effect of finding and stimulating unexpected additional bidders – from Europe as well as from America or Asia.

Sophisticated media relations
We engage in a constant dialogue with the outside world, keeping the print and electronic media regularly informed about what we’re up to, sending out carefully designed press packs to inform the public about the wide range of services we provide, preparations for our auctions, and the results they achieve.

These activities usually stimulate many reactions in the international press. Some of them will be quoted here.

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