High Aspirations

Passion and quality since decades

We have been active in the service of philately and numismatics without any abatement in our enthusiasm for more than 45 years. Over the course of these more than four decades, we have steadily built up and expanded our auction sales from modest beginnings. Rapp Auctions has long been one of the leading addresses in the world for the auction sale of stamps, coins, jewellery and watches, assuring returns commensurate with the value of the items.

High aspirations
Rapp Auctions were be founded by the owner and auctioneer Peter Rapp in 1970. Until today the Peter Rapp AG ist a 100% family owned company. From the very beginning, the quality of the items on auction, our public image and — first and foremost — the individual service for our clients have been close to our hearts. The high level of our aspirations is both a challenge and a commitment for us. That is why we will never cease our efforts to provide services of especially high quality for our discerning clientele from around the globe.

In our position as a leading international auction firm for stamps, coins, jewellery and watches, we share one thing with our clients: their never-ending fascination and enthusiasm for these coveted treasures. Moreover, we see today, even more clearly and forcefully than ever before, that high-quality stamps, coins, jewellery and watches are appreciated worldwide not only as objects for collection, but as investment objects as well.

Our Responsibility
Since substantial financial sums as well as intangible values are at stake on the marketplace, an auction company is obligated to especially high standards of diligence and quality — a responsibility to which we have been strongly committed from the start. Confidence and trust cannot be assured without this commitment, nor could the consistently outstanding results on behalf of our clients be achieved.

Take us at our word.

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