Best of Rapp

The Gems of Philately & Numismatics

Such great philatelic and numismatic treasures have to be kept alive in the benefit of the collectors. We not only want to present these outstanding collections to a small elitist community (possibly with costs involving) but to a worldwide interested community and this for free. 

That is the reason why we have chosen the internet as the means of presentation for our Best of Rapp gems collection. You will find a small, but fully digitized range of top objects from earlier Rapp auctions. Each of the beautiful collections is described by a full accompanying German or English text about the collection concept, and it displays a portrait of the respective collector.

We have deliberately kept the choice of collections small and clear to really only show you the best out of the best as the title promises. In the future, only absolutely top-ranking objects from philately and numismatics will be supplemented on this website.

We now invite you to take your time and browse though these collections, make discoveries of your own, and enjoy the many treasures you will see – and maybe you will find inspiration for the concept of your own collection.


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