Auction Successes

Rapp auctions: the place for a shopping adventure

Rapp Auctions guarantees top prices at an international level – something which is no coincidence. We were never content simply to be «good», but realized that every successful business activity requires a well-considered company philosophy, alongside effort and constant hard work. In this regard, uncompromising commitment to exceptional quality constitutes the highest priority from the outset. The quality of the items on offer, the quality of our service, and the quality of our public performance are of equal importance. Our company’s reputation for service that goes far beyond the usual limits is legendary and probably unrivalled at an international level.

The obvious Location for truly important collections
In the past 45 years Rapp Auctions has been able to auction a dozen of very important stamp collections. Including many Grand-Prix-Collections and collections which have been awarded with Gold or Large Gold. Passionate philatelists have entrusted us with their often spectacular lifework for a best possible sale at our auction. One or the other collection has already been compiled in the classics and maintained over decades before handing it over to the Rapp Auction House to process. One need only think of the sale of the sensational world class collections such as «Alma Lee», from the Royal Philatelic Society London, the sensational classic Switzerland collection «Ticino» or the coin collection «Rheingold» with hundrets of gold coins from the German Empire.

Not only have the consignors often been rendered speechless by the successful sales we have made.We are proud and grateful to be able to look back on the trust given us by thousands of collectors, investors and testamentary executors whilst undertaking the best possible auctioning of their most valuable possessions.

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