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Preview of the Rapp Auction 2014

Our upcoming international Rapp Auction will be held in the week of the 24th to 28th November 2014. We are pleased to let you know, that we have already received a number of very beautiful and substantial consignments.


  • Swiss Classics, beginning with the first, 1843 issue with beautiful single frankings and multiples, also includes «Basle Dove» items, the «Double Geneva» issue and the stamps of the transition period. Also, a mint pair from the corner of the sheet of the so-called «Winterthur» issue, a world rarity from the T.-Champion collection, catches the eye.

  • Interesting «Orts-Post» and «Poste Locale» frankings are offered from the «Winkelried» Collection. The «Rayon I with framed cross» is impressive for its block of eight from the Burrus Collection and for a rare multiple franking. Among the Rayon II issues, several bisected items are on offer. The offering also focus on the various cancellations used on the Rayon issues (such as lozenges, dotted cancellation, cancels with figures or signs). The offer here centers on full covers with spectacular cancellations.

«Outstanding Switzerland» (eBrochure)

Should you are having problems opening the eBrochure you can also download the preview «Outstanding Switzerland» as a PDF document (70 MB).

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  • The specialized «Schönbrunn» collection of classical Austrian issues from 1850 to 1867 stands out. The complete collection covers 870 album pages, and yet includes only very few single stamps. Rather, it almost exclusively includes frankings, specialties and rare cancellations, almost exclusively on cover and on a few pieces. Quite a few of the top items were used to illustrate the handbook of Austria-specialist Dr. Ulrich Ferchenbauer. Only a few items were acquired through stamp auctions. This indicates that the majority of the offered items are fresh to the market, mostly unknown, and in select quality.

Excerpt from the «Schönbrunn» collection (eBrochure)

Should you have difficulties opening the eBrochure, you can also download the preview of the collection «Schönbrunn» as a PDF document (155 MB).

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  • Several Zeppelin Post collections with up to 900 covers each.

  • Numerous European and Worldwide collections, including objects that for the past 70 years were hidden untouched in a safe-deposit box.

  • Elaborate collections by country at estimates of between CHF 10'000.– and CHF 100'000.–, including substantial collections of Albania, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, and the United States.

  • An interesting and substantial collection of the Soviet Union, including rare and some quite exceptional stamps.

  • Germany: interesting lots and collections from the German States to the German Empire to post-war Germany.

  • Several interesting and valuable holdings of picture postcards.


  • The «Rheingold» Collection comprises almost the full range of Reichsgold coinages from Anhalt to Bavaria, Bremen, and Mecklenburg to Coburg etc., as well as gold coinages for investment purposes (Kruger Rand, Canadian, Australian, American gold coinages). This huge object, estimated to realize more than one million Euros, includes magnificent single items as well as comprehensive collections with all items according to the Jaeger Catalogue.

The «Rheingold» Collection – German Empire (eBrochure)

Should you have difficulties opening the eBrochure, you can also download the preview of the «Rheingold» collection as a PDF document (low resolution 65 MB)

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  • An extensive collection, compiled several decades ago, of Swiss coins, from coinages of all Cantons to those from the «Bundesmünzprägung»[Federal Coinage].

  • A collection of old German Thaler.

  • Diverse, sought-after single items, such as a 2-Dukaten-Coin of Poland (1647), Freie Stadt Danzig (25 Gulden, 1923), Swiss coins from the county of Vaud etc.

  • Diverse holdings of investment gold coins, valued between CHF 20’000.– and CHF 150’000.–

  • Diverse interesting coin collections and holdings from various epochs.

... and much more. Let yourself be surprised.

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